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Quadrat - a periodical bulletin on research in progress on the history of the British book trade - has been published under the auspices of BBTI since January 1995, and is a valuable resource for the exchange of news, views and enquiries about research into the history of the British book trade.

IMPORTANT: issue 24 was the last issue of Quadrat to be published in hard copy. Future issues will be electronic only. There is still no charge for subscribing but new and existing subscribers need to register by emailing the Editor, Catherine Armstrong

The latest issues of Quadrat are now on-line!  Click here for Quadrat 23, Summer 2010 and here for Quadrat 24, Summer 2011.

Click here to view issue 17 (Autumn 2003) and here to view issue 18 (January 2005). Other issues will be added shortly. Hard copies are available - see below.

The contents of previous issues are listed here. Copies of most back issues are available on request. A printed index to issues 1-10 is also available.

If you wish to be added to the mailing list for future issues of Quadrat (there is currently no subscription charge) or if you wish to offer articles, news items, book reviews or 'notes and queries' items for future issues, please contact the Editor, Catherine Armstrong.

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