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We are very keen to publicise BBTI to appropriate groups through meetings, talks and demonstrations. If you would like us to contribute to an event you are organising, please contact John Hinks or Maureen Bell. We also have BBTI bookmarks available (without charge!) for conferences, meetings etc. A selection of publicity and dissemination activities is listed below. (MB = Maureen Bell; JH = John Hinks)

11 January: Printing History Society conference (University of Reading)
Project mentioned by JH in his paper on 'Local and Regional Studies of Printing History:
Context and Content'. (Published in Journal of the Printing Historical Society, new series,
 number 5, 2003, pp. 3-15.)

24 July: British Book Trade Conference (University of Exeter)
MB & JH introduced project and agreed to involve colleagues as a test group.

7 October: BBTI Project Management Group
General update, including search page address, e-mailed to PMG members. 

18 October: British Book Trade History Conference Group
Brief update, including search page address, e-mailed to BBTHC group and feedback received.

7 November: The Future History of the Book Conference (The Hague)
MB described BBTI briefly and circulated flyers.

December: The Library, 7th series, vol. 3, no. 4 (Dec 2002), pp. [446-7].                         
'The British Book Trade Index' information published.

5 & 6 April: West Midlands Manuscripts Conference (University of Birmingham)  
Paper by MB and JH: 'Early book trades in the Midlands: using the British Book Trade Index' and MB contributed to a panel on ‘Major Collaborative Projects’ 

12 May: Manchester Bibliographical Society
Paper by MB and JH, with on-line demonstration of BBTI.

August: Historical Association Newsletter [e-mailed to HA members]
Article by JH on BBTI project and history of the book at the University of Birmingham

September: Printing History News (No.2 September 2003)
The people who made our books' by JH

Autumn: Special issue of Quadrat reporting on the progress of the BBTI project

11 November: University of Reading                                                                      
Book-trade History and BBTI,
seminar presentation by JH for the Centre for Writing, Publishing and Printing History.

December: Computers in Genealogy, vol. 8, no. 4 (Dec 2003), pp. 165-167. 
Article by JH on BBTI.

17 February: Aberystwyth Bibliographical Society                                               Presentation and demonstration of BBTI by MB.

2 June: White Rose Book History Seminar (University of York)
JH presented a paper: 'The Book Trade in its Urban Context between 1700 and 1850: evidence from the British Book Trade Index'.

20-24 July: SHARP conference (Lyon, France)  
MB presented a paper: 'Book-trade activity in English towns, 1700-1850: comparative evidence from the British Book Trade Index,' as part of a panel session with colleagues from Canada and New Zealand: 'Electronic resources for book-trade history: three current database projects and examples of their research potential'.

27-29 July: British Book Trade History conference (University of Edinburgh)          
JH gave a brief progress report on the BBTI project.

15-16 September: 'Long Restoration' conference (Loughborough University)         
Dr Betty Hagglund gave a paper on BBTI as resource for historical research.


Urban History Group Conference: Landscape, Environment and Human Agency in the City since 1700, University of Leicester, 7-8 April 2005
Paper presented by JH on 'The Printing Press and the Urban Landscape in the Early Eighteenth Century' (based in part on the BBTI study of 'Provincial Printing after 1695').


Cambridge History of the Book in Britain (vol 5) and Publishing History
Two complementary essays on the BBTI Urban Research, co-written by MB and JH.

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