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Some preparation of data for entry was undertaken in the 1980s by the original members of the BBTI Advisory Committee: Robin Alston, John Feather, Frank Felsenstein, Peter Isaac, Ian Maxted, Paul Morgan, Michael Perkin and Michael Turner. Thanks are due in particular to the following contributors, many of whom have for several years supplied data from their own research (not necessarily available in published form) as well as working through published sources. Each contributor's respective area of interest or responsibility for particular sources/geographical areas is given, briefly. [Contributors who made available their own publications appear separately, as authors, in the Sources list.]

David Alexander

Sotheby's auction bills

Wendy Atkin


Iain Beavan

N.E. Scotland

John Buchanan-Brown


Rosanna Cavallo


Gillian Clark

children at nurse

John Meriton Coast

additions to Plomer & Maxted

Diana Coldicott


Tony Copsey


Mike Crump


Simon Dixon

Quaker marriage registers, London & Middlesex

J.S. English


John Feather

Plomer 1726-1775

Richard Goulden

Kent; Essex; Hertfordshire; Middlesex; Sussex

Henry Hallam


Peter Hanks

Staffordshire bookbinders

Berry Harper


James Hepburn

broadside printers

John Hinks


Martin Holmes


Peter Isaac

booksellers' catalogues

Graham Jefcoate

German traders in London

David Knott

Essex; Surrey; Kent

Alan Longbottom

Lists & indexes; newspapers; census returns, etc.

Betty Longbottom

Lists & indexes; newspapers; census returns, etc.

Ian Maxted

Devon; London; insurance policies

Barry McKay

Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire

Ian Michael


Paul Morgan


Robin Myers

master printers 1805-11

Richard Ovenden

Plomer 1668-1725

Vivienne Painting


Charles Parry

advertisements for medicines

David Pearson

Howe; Duff; Plomer 1641-67; Todd

James Raven

additions to Plomer

Tanya Schmoller

Sheffield; Yorkshire; Derbyshire

David Stoker

Norfolk; Berkshire

Michael Turner


Frances Wakeman

Oxfordshire papermills

Laurence Worms with Catherine Klepper & Philip Sharpe

map engravers

N.B. This list has been constructed in part from records of correspondence and progress notes dating from the early 1980s. Our apologies, therefore, if your name should be on this list but is missing. Please send any additions or amendments to: Maureen Bell

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